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The Best Practices for Employee Satisfaction Survey

In a business organization, you need to prioritize employee satisfaction to ensure creativity and productivity in the existing market. Employee recognition in an organization makes individual happy and motivated, which leads to a positive and conducive working environment. However, you need to do an employee satisfaction survey to ensure it is in the highest levels. When you are administering the employee satisfaction you need the best practices; otherwise, it will be a waste of time. The following are some of the employee satisfaction survey best practices that will help you to create a meaningful change for your organization.

Define Your Goals

When you are establishing an employee satisfaction survey in your organization, you need to define clear goals and objectives. These goals will help you focus on what you want to measure regarding the employees’ participation, engagement and response to changes in your organization. Similarly, your goals will be the key driver for achieving the best result after your survey. Perhaps you might be looking to measure the employees’ opinions and their attitude towards the organization. Your defined objective will keep you in the track to ensure you complete one task before you tackle another.


When you are administering an employee satisfaction survey, you need to be honest and straightforward in your activities. You also need to be ready for all sorts of reactions because it will help you to pinpoint the various faults in an organization that affects the employee satisfaction. If you are confident, you will be able to collect anonymous information about what the employees feel while working for your organization. Your staff should also show confidentiality while haring their honest feedback. You can conduct your survey through voting so that everyone participates genuinely without judgment. This will boost their privacy while answering questions for your survey.

Ask the Right Questions

It is essential to stick to the right balance by asking relevant questions to your audience. Have in mind the kind of answers you get will depend on the questions you ask. You need to give room for the employees to provide solutions in multiple choices so that you can dig deeper for more information. Experts at Energage, an Employee Engagement Survey Company | Measure Your Culture service provider argues that if your employees are intimidated with your questions, you can administer an answering format where it is a yes or no as well as agree or disagree. This will be helpful especially when people are not willing to provide many insights. Ensure that your questions are useful to help you understand what employees think.

Target the Right People

When you are surveying your organization, you do not have to include every employee. You need to choose the right people who will help you with the proper feedback. Your goals and objectives will also determine the type of people you will include in the survey. It will make sense when you have the right members of staff or employees who will help to achieve the best results. Therefore, you need to spend time selecting the proper department for a successful survey.

Why Sell Your Sell Used Macbook Pro

Apple Inc has been known to produce quality laptops, mobile phones, smart watches, and many more smart devices. Their products are costly, but people still line up to get their products because they are worth the money and durable. You see, there is one thing with customers, as long as they are getting the value of their money and quality products, they will still come back irrespective of how expensive the device is.

Customers who cannot afford brand new products have been buying second-hand gadgets. If you have an old Apple device in your bedroom, it is time to bring it out and make money out of it. There are many companies are dealing with used Apple devices, and you can be assured of competitive prices. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why you should sell used Macbook Pro online. Read on

Return on Investment

To some people, selling their used devices might sound cheap, but it makes sense to the middle and lower class in the society. There are many vendors in the market, and it is important to get quotes from all of them. This helps you get the best buyer. Well, you should have your selling price in mind, but again, get as many quotes for comparison. Do not be in a rush to sell off your device if you want to sell at the best price.

You Will Be Helping People Who Cannot Afford Brand New Devices

Sell used Macbook proWe should be brother’s keeper here on earth. If you cannot give out your mac pro for free, then you can sell it to someone in need. You can either sell your laptop to the buyer directly or sell to companies which sell them as refurbished devices. If you are dealing with individual buyers, you can make it easy for them by offering the device on installments. By so doing, we will be giving everyone a chance to enjoy excellent technology.

Get the Best Price

As already mentioned, many firms are buying used mac pros at reasonable prices. Take your time to research and ask for quotations and you will be surprised to get amazing deals. The money earned can be added to your savings for the latest mac pro, or you can channel it to other needs.

Sell from Home

Selling your device online gives you the convenience of selling from home or your office. You only need another smart device and a stable internet connection to strike a good deal.

Feature To Look For In A Food Processor

Food processors today are not elite kitchen appliances only used by top chefs. This kitchen time- saver has grown its popularity in the recent past because of its immense practicality. They have also generated higher production and lower costs. Food processors are consequently readily available to grace even basic kitchens.

Food processors come in different options and levels like any appliance. You, therefore, need to do research and plan before buying one. Typically they are not a substantial investment, but everyone wants to spend their money wisely on anything.


food processor pluged

One vital factor you need to look for when choosing a food processor is its wattage. The more powerful the motor, the more expensive the food processor will be. The benefits, however, outweigh the cost. A faster motor implies faster chopping time. You will also rest assured it will tackle tough foods such as meat and coffee. Larger motors last longer and have extended warranties than the smaller ones. The wattage of food processors is between 500 and 1200 with some a little under and some a little over.


You also need to look at the speed options. The motor controls the speed of the blades that spin around inside the processor. Most of them come with the two-speed option, the high and the low. Other have a pulse button that you can use to turn on and off the speed manually. Pulsing helps to provide bursts of speed that slash through your food.

Bowl Options

food processor with bowlThe bowl size is another point to consider when buying a food processor. The three main sizes that are full-size, medium, and small. The exact size of the bowl will vary, but large tends to be from nine to sixteen cups. Medium size is between five and nine cups while a small bowl is from two to four cups. This is where you need to consider the amount of food you will be preparing with the appliance to know which bowl size to go for. Some bowls come with markings up the side to make measurements easy.

Safety Features

Ensure you look into the safety feature of the food processor before making a purchase. Check to see that there are grip-able feet on the bottom. This will prevent it from sliding around. Most of them have options that ensure they do not start if the lid is not appropriately snapped or the bowl is not screwed into its place. The cylinder also needs to be tall enough that somebody cannot get their finger in and get cut by the blades.

Warranty and maintenance are other features that you need to check out when purchasing a food processor. Food processors are small enough not to cover the whole countertop and yet powerful enough to cut your food preparation time down.

Key Features to Consider When Purchasing Commercial Pressure Washers

Commercial cleaning is among the blooming businesses out there. If you are a starter, you might not find it easy to choose the best pressure washer for the first time. Looking at different designs, it might not be easy to decide on which design to go with. For example, should you buy a steam power washer or hot water power washer? Read on to understand more about commercial pressure washer.

How to Categorize Them

Source of Fuel

Commercial pressure washers are powered by gas or electricity. They require 220-440 volt outlets to operate. Well, this is only available in commercial setups. Note that, gas washers are more powerful than electric washers. Gasoline powered washers cannot be used in an enclosed room because of the emission of the deadly carbon monoxide. Another disadvantage of gas-powered washers is that they are noisy.

Water Temperatures

Some washers have an inbuilt system to warm water. As we all know, hot water is a powerful cleaning agent. It takes off stains and grease faster. The same benefit is available with steam washers. Steam can take off tough stains without damaging the cloth. Users have confessed that steam washers take out stains more effectively than hot water or cold models.

Cleaning Agents

Some commercial washer models spray chemical cleaning solutions plus the hot water or steam. For some industries, pressurized water or steam is enough to clean. But when this is not enough, you might be required to add cleaning solutions to the steam for crystal clear cleaning.

Important Questions to Ask When Shopping

Do I Require the Portal Model?

This depends on how you are planning to use the washer. While some businesses use their washer in a permanent location, others might require moving from one place to the other.

Will I Be Required to Clean Using Hot Water?

Hot water contributes to efficient cleaning greatly. Hot water takes away grease and wax faster than cold water. In addition to that, chemical reactions are accelerated when the water is hot. Did you know that even simple soap works better with hot water? If you are cleaning stubborn stains or oily surfaces, you better use hot water.

Compared to residential washer models, commercial washers deliver better performance. If you think that you will be using a pressure washer for 100 to 1000 hours in a year, you better start using commercial washers. They are more effective.

Practical Home Remodeling Ideas for You to Try

Remodeling jobs for your home require critical thinking about the design and materials to use. You only get one change in a while to be able to completely remodel your home. You also want to keep costs low, especially when you are looking at the option to sell the house at a decent profit.

You might also need to keep in mind the original design so that you do not make an alienated feature of the house that no longer becomes attractive. Keep in mind the following remodeling tips for your interior and exterior design plans. New ideas will not hurt your project, and they may speed up your decision-making so that you can get to enjoy the house.

Change Your Doors

glass balcony

Changing your doors is an excellent way to improve functionality and design aesthetics. They are the first thing you are likely to see even though you might not be paying attention to them. Doors are critical to a house’s looks.

They can make it attractive or strikingly awkward. Beautiful doors are also welcoming. Consider putting flush doors in your inner rooms for a change, especially when your remodeling includes the addition of places where there is little space.

Fix Heat Gaps and Cover Background Installations

Older houses might require a fix of the walls and roofing areas, including the ceiling. Their insulation properties deteriorate after years. Besides, new technologies offer better material for insulation, which you might need to consider when you are remodeling. Improving the house’s main systems by adding new technology will improve the value of the house and help the inhabitants feel more at home than they did in the past.

You can consider using the Karp DSC-214-M for your specific installations on walls, such as alarm switches and circuit boards. The features will still be accessible, but you can safely tuck them away to prevent interference with your interior design appearance.

Consider Increasing Natural Light in the House

house ceiling

Modern homes have a distinctive feature that differentiates them from castles and other old style houses. Light from the floor-to-ceiling windows is a primary feature of modern style apartments. You may not have large windows, but you can add more windows and possibly add mirrors to direct more light into the house.

The modifications will make the rooms look bright, and they will push the attention to your focal items. You could also brighten walls by repainting them and removing furniture that tend to absorb light to make a room appear dull.

Add Flower Vases or Pots

You could add flower vases on the inside and flower ports on the outside. They add a natural feel to the home even when it is in an urban area. Flowers are easy to take care of, and their leaves could create a pleasant aroma for the room. You must consider putting flowers that will withstand weather conditions in your city.

They should also be easy to care for throughout the year. That way, you will only need a few minutes a week while they will improve the appearance and ambiance of the home throughout the year.

Benefits of Video Marketing for your Business

In today’s digital world we live in, it is vital to look for unique and new ways to make your products or services to stand out there in the face of marketers who are looking for your prospect’s attention. There are many new and unique marketing strategies you can rely on since there is a lot of improvement when it comes to the technology sector. Even though video marketing is not new, it is critical to understand that it is proving to be one of the best effective and powerful marketing strategies. If you want to market your business using video marketing, the following are some of the benefits you will enjoy.

Video builds credibility and trust.

Video builds trustA video is one of the perfect ways you can consider if you are planning to create personality more especially for your brand or your company. By creating a personality for your products and services, this will enable you to connect with many viewers, and you will end up earning their trust. As an entrepreneur, make sure that you create more videos to help in informing and educating your customers. By doing this, you will build a strong foundation of trust, and this will translate to sales.

Video boosts conversion rates.

When you are creating your business video, you should have an aim of improving your sales. That is why most videos are seen as an investment. When you are watching a compelling presenter in a business video, this is likely to influence your buying behavior and also convert you into a lead. Also, most of these business videos can serve as testimonials or tutorials based on how you view them.

Search engine love video

After you have created your business website, your primary goal is to focus on how your site will appear on the first page of Google. That is why you should create lots of business videos because search engines are looking for most essential contents that can engage viewers.

A video encourages social shares.

Videos encourage social sharesThis is one of the best chances most entrepreneurs have found to share and show what type of products and services they offer. Once you have created your video, you can easily share it all over many social platforms. Take this chance and find many customers who will be willing to share and even purchase your products.

How To Earn Money Online

There are plenty of ways to earn money online, and the simplicity of it is what makes it so attractive. If you’re a stay at home Mom or someone who cannot make the travel to go to an office every day, then making money online such as stated in como ganhar dinheiro na internet is the way for you. Here are some of the popular ways to make money on the internet.

Paid feedback

A lot of websites will pay you for shopping on their website or to fill out surveys. They will also look for people to test their products on and ask you to give a testimony. The money made from these types of feedbacks is not much, but it is better than illegally earning money online. Besides, it has very minimum requirements, and almost anyone can do it.


Another way to make money on the internet is by becoming a freelance writer. You do need to set up a blog and create credibility out of it. Some websites pay for your posts if they fit the qualifications. If you have a lot of free time in your hands and you love to write, you might want to try it out.

Selling things

This is by far the most popular way to earn money online. Websites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, are amongst the famous few where you can sell your things online. You simply need a PayPal account and an account on the designated website to sell your stuff. Make sure that you lay out details about what you are selling, and state where you’ll be sending it from. If you have a lot of stuff in your house you don’t know what to do with, why not just sell them online and earn money from it?

Home-based work

Home-based occupations are gaining popularity these days because many people do not have time for intensive office work. They tend to be more relaxed and flexible, and you can take up more work if you want or take a leave anytime. For example, if you are a college student you can take study leave. You can also work from home, and have more time to spend for yourself, your studies, or your family. The salary is just as much as what you make if you work in an office. We recommend this type of work the most since it will also look good on your resume.

Why is cycling so irresistible?


To live a comfortable life today, you have to exert yourself into work. Cycling is one sport that perfectly fits this criteria as it easily replaces afternoon and morning activities. There are those who prefer riding bicycles to work even if it is once or twice a week. This not only burns calories but sets the main agenda for the day. There is increasing evidence that shows stagnating traffic is bad for health and those who can peddle their way through can save themselves a great deal of trouble.

Cycling helps save you money

A bicycle is cheaper to purchase and maintain than a brand new car. In equal measure, energy used to propel the bicycle does not emanate from gas filling stations. Every time you swap your vehicle for a cycling adventure, you are saving money. The cost of driving will include costs of fuel, insurance, various taxes, Depreciation among other charges. Not many people realize the expense until they decide to do the math.

National statistics bureaus across most countries show that consumers spend more on transportation than food. The transportation cost can go into the thousands. Owning a bicycle is way cheaper when contrasted.


Makes you smart

Studies show that cycling sharpens the mind and thinking. The exercise works the nerve cells in your brain firing neurons sparks right int the action. This boosts production of proteins in the body. For instance, brain-derived neurotrophic factor. The neurotransmitters are capable of communicating more effectively. Simply put, they improve your ability to store information and concentrate. Every turn of the pedals strengthens the mind.

Safety in biking

There has emerged a popular perception that cycling is very dangerous. The biggest setback is experienced when one throws their leg over the bicycle pedal repeatedly. This motion has the great potential of saving your life. Biking also reduces the chances of getting heart disease significantly.

Easy to perform

Thanks to modern technology incorporated into bicycles, cycling gets easier every year. In addition, there are many roads with footpaths and bicycle side paths that accommodate riders. Most employee welfare groups have compelled businesses to have bike parking areas. As the number of cyclists increase so does the popularity of cycling rise. With more cyclists out on the streets, the authorities respond accordingly with safety regulations that make the sport much safer.


Great for workout enthusiasts

Planning on building your muscles? This is one effective way. Cycling works your quads, glutes, and calves leaving you with lean muscles from ankles to arms. Other benefits are strengthened core muscles that arise from balancing, improving your body’s posture and strength. The best part about cycling is the fun aspect.

Finally, do you still need your bike?

When you are done with cycling, there always arises the question of what to do with the bike. This situation might arise when you have to relocate to an apartment close to work, and you do not see the need for your bike. Alternatively, you might have purchased a vehicle or just experienced a tragic accident that left you disabled for life.  If you have young siblings or children, you can give a hand it over to them as a present.




Enoteca and Trattoria

Sagra, a casual, yet elegant Italian enoteca and trattoria, is located in the historic center of Austin on East 11th Street. Executive Chef/Owner Gabriel Pellegrini has created a menu of new renditions of Old World classics that feature  pizzas, homemade mozzarella, house-cured meats and homemade pastas. Nightly specials, an inviting staff, Italian wine list and warm atmosphere come together to create a memorable Italian dining experience.Welcome to Sagra. From the moment you enter the door, you’ll be taken in by the soothing décor, the relaxing atmosphere, welcoming staff, and the glow of our wood-burning oven – all this and more tells you you’re in for a treat. Stop in and enjoy one of our delicious homemade pizzas and a quartino of wine.

We make everything in house and all of our food is cooked to order. No basil, no salt, no gluten, All no problem! Reserve a table for that special occasion and linger over a full-course meal or sit at the bar and savor one of our cocktails with a pizza, inspired by the classics. Either way, at Sagra our guests are treated like royalty