Key Features to Consider When Purchasing Commercial Pressure Washers

Commercial cleaning is among the blooming businesses out there. If you are a starter, you might not find it easy to choose the best pressure washer for the first time. Looking at different designs, it might not be easy to decide on which design to go with. For example, should you buy a steam power washer or hot water power washer? Read on to understand more about commercial pressure washer.

How to Categorize Them

Source of Fuel

Commercial pressure washers are powered by gas or electricity. They require 220-440 volt outlets to operate. Well, this is only available in commercial setups. Note that, gas washers are more powerful than electric washers. Gasoline powered washers cannot be used in an enclosed room because of the emission of the deadly carbon monoxide. Another disadvantage of gas-powered washers is that they are noisy.

Water Temperatures

Some washers have an inbuilt system to warm water. As we all know, hot water is a powerful cleaning agent. It takes off stains and grease faster. The same benefit is available with steam washers. Steam can take off tough stains without damaging the cloth. Users have confessed that steam washers take out stains more effectively than hot water or cold models.

Cleaning Agents

Some commercial washer models spray chemical cleaning solutions plus the hot water or steam. For some industries, pressurized water or steam is enough to clean. But when this is not enough, you might be required to add cleaning solutions to the steam for crystal clear cleaning.

Important Questions to Ask When Shopping

Do I Require the Portal Model?

This depends on how you are planning to use the washer. While some businesses use their washer in a permanent location, others might require moving from one place to the other.

Will I Be Required to Clean Using Hot Water?

Hot water contributes to efficient cleaning greatly. Hot water takes away grease and wax faster than cold water. In addition to that, chemical reactions are accelerated when the water is hot. Did you know that even simple soap works better with hot water? If you are cleaning stubborn stains or oily surfaces, you better use hot water.

Compared to residential washer models, commercial washers deliver better performance. If you think that you will be using a pressure washer for 100 to 1000 hours in a year, you better start using commercial washers. They are more effective.